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Rat On The Run on Twitter

Friday July 31, 2009, 09:05 AM ET 
Today, Rat On The Run annouced that it was now on the social networking and micro blogging site Twitter.

ROTR customers and followers will be able to keep up to date with the web-based independent t-shirt company by logging on to http://twitter.com/ratontherun , finding out about the latest designs, news and day to day musings.

Rat On The Run features on Tee Zine

Sat July 25, 2009, 19:43 AM ET 
Blogging about T-shirts, I get a lot of emails which are pointing to sites with new clothing lines, asking me to check them out. And I always do so. Sometimes I like what I see, other times I don’t. With Rat On The Run, I really liked what there is on offer. Iconic images and cartoon-alike logos are the core of the designs. So, why don’t you give yourself some good advice and go check out Rat On The Run, maybe you could find something there for yourself there.