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Perspiration or inspiration? ROTR chooses the latter and recommends the following chemical free supplements to living.
ROTR welcomes recommendations for this links page from ratontherun.com visitors. Please make submissions to links@ratontherun.com
Outdoors - Timber Rafting
Forget a luxury cruise down the Nile. Build your own raft of logs and ropes and float down the river Klarälven in the wilds of Sweden, in true Hukleberry Finn style – unforgettable! link
Music – The The
Inspiring words and tunes from singer/song writer Matt Johnson. link
Tee Zine
Up to date t-shirt reviews and indie clothing guide. link
Magazine – Adbusters
Global network of artists, activists, writers, students, educators and entrepreneurs campaigning against media overload.
Film – The Motorcycle Diaries
“Let the world change you… and you can change the world” link